Efficient Compaction Equipment Systems for Property Management

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Recycling paper products, making the most of limited space, and restricting odors and liquids, are three of the main reasons why industries turn to compaction equipment. These types of systems can make a world of difference in how your property is perceived by visitors by offering maintenance solutions. In addition, the savings of garbage removal can be astounding and new recycling plant creates cash from trash

One of the costs associated with garbage bins is the amount of space that they need and the frequency of dumping. A pre-crusher is made from steel and built to compact bulky items into small flat pieces. Furniture, drums, cans and other large or awkward-sized containers can be radically reduced in size by the aid of a 20-30 horse power motor that slams a powerful wedge against the rubbish.

Self-Contained Compactors
The problem that most apartment complexes and office buildings experience is the gross quantity of liquids that make their way into trash containers. Half empty coffee cups, water bottles and kitchen scraps can make for a smelly, and messy dumpster, not to mention the odor that surrounds it. When a fully sealed compaction equipment or compactor is used for trash that can contain liquids, space is saved and outdoor areas are kept neat and odor-free.

Apartment Sized Compactors
Sometimes a little nudge is all it takes to get apartment dwellers or employees of office buildings to help save time and money. By placing apartment sized compactors strategically around a building, or installing in apartments and condos, it is not long before they become a natural part of life. There are less trips to the dumpster and a convenience in maintaining homes and work areas.

For property management, www.compactionequipment.ca can be a wise investment for everything from apartment and rentals to large office buildings. The maintenance of any property is an expense that can be hard to tame. By taking the initiative to show people how easy compacting systems can be, everyone saves with time and money. Always introduce workers to compacting systems through proper training in order to avoid injuries.

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