Using Online Guides to Obtain correct Boating Procedures

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Taking to the water for recreational boating can be the most pleasant way to spend a day taking in the beauty of any Canadian body of water, whether it be for the purpose of touring, fishing or sports such as water skiing. However, Canadian law states that operating any power motor watercraft can only be performed by a driver with a certified “Pleasure Craft Operator Card.”

Whether you currently operate a boat that uses a power motor or not, it is highly recommended that boaters in all provinces take a boating safety course and a Transport Canada Accredited boating license exam. Taking these courses is not just advantageous for everyone who takes to the water, but highly convenient through the use of online learning study guides. Using these online guides to obtain correct boating procedures and safety information can literally save lives and improve the condition of boat operations.

These online courses in boat safety can take as little as three hours of time online. The knowledge learned through these courses work towards your Pleasure Craft Operator license, along with the successful completion of the licensing exam itself. Once rewarded by Transport Canada, the pleasure craft license card is good for a lifetime. Clearly, the benefits of using online study guides to take, pass and obtain the Pleasure Craft Operator Card are undeniable.

3 Easy Steps to get your Boating License
When taken online, this Accredited boating license exam can be completed in as little as seventy five minutes of time. As required by law since September 2009, all those found operating motorized recreational watercraft without the Pleasure Craft Operator license can be subject to a $250 fine at any time. If stopped while out boating, the operator of said watercraft must show one of the following forms of on-board identification marking water safety competency to avoid incurring steep fines.

These include the Pleasure Craft Licence or Pleasure Craft Operator Card mentioned above earned through the completion of an Accredited boating license exam, written proof of boating safety courses taken in Canada and officially completed in the years prior to April 1, 1999 and in the case of rental boats, a fully completed safety checklist on-board. Those visiting Canada and operating pleasure crafts in Canadian lakes and waterways must also show proper identification and competency to avoid fines.

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card and exam completion is additionally valid for non-residents who reside in the country for over forty four days. Tourists and visitors who reside in the provinces for under this time period, must be able to show that they have earned the Transport Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card online on an optional basis or an equivalent boating safety operator license as issued by their US state or home country.

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